About us

The Coosters Rooster crows early in the morning on the Derrycoose Road to mark the start of another busy day at our chicken storage and distribution centre in the County Armagh countryside, well known as the food heartland of Northern Ireland.

Our team of experienced food handlers, logistics managers, drivers and order processors arrive early in the morning to check the orders before packing our finest chicken products into temperature controlled vehicles to keep them at the optimum temperature during transit.

Meanwhile, men and women in foodservice outlets, local grocery stores, butchers, coffee shops, bars, restaurants and fast food outlets throughout Ireland eagerly await their arrival. Our finest chicken products make their way to freezers or fryers before customers flock to purchase their favourite chicken pieces for their lunches and dinners. It takes a lot of careful planning to put a big smile on the faces of little kids and big kids at dinner tables all over the country but Coosters chicken does it!

Coosters Chicken ranges are premium chicken products made from top quality ingredients, with 100% chicken breast meat in every recipe. Each product is pre-cooked and frozen.

Oven cook from frozen for 25 mins or pop in the deep fat fryer for only 4 minutes. They’ll come out golden, crispy and very tasty! With minimal prep time required, Coosters chicken is ideal for busy people who need a quick and tasty snack or dinner packed with protein and flavour. Just heat and eat!

Top quality products, competitively priced, quick and easy to prepare, and incredibly tasty. Coosters chicken really is something to crow about!

Look out for our Coosters refrigerated vehicles on the highways and byways of the beautiful emerald isle taking our chicken closer to your dinner plates with every mile.

Check the menus of your favourite restaurants, coffee shops and chippies for the Coosters Rooster – hopefully you won’t have to look far to find him!

Back at the coop, the Coosters team busily prepare the next set of orders, for the next delivery to keep smiles on faces and hungry bellies filled.

Contact us if you and your customers need some Coosters in your life!

Coosters is a division of award winning meat sourcing, storage and distribution business, Universal Meat Company.