Delicious Range of Chicken Products

The Coosters Rooster crows early in the morning on the Derrycoose Road to mark the start of another busy day at our chicken storage and distribution centre in the County Armagh countryside, well known as the food heartland of Northern Ireland.

Our team of experienced food handlers, logistics managers, drivers and order processors arrive early in the morning to check the orders before packing our finest chicken products into temperature controlled vehicles to keep them at the optimum temperature during transit.

‘we have been using Coosters Crispy Shredded Chicken since they first launched in the market. The fact that they are made with 100% chicken breast adds to the benefits of a unique product, full of flavour with a crunchy batter’

SpringIsland, Coalisland

‘THE BEST ON THE MARKET! We’re currently using the Coosters crispy shredded chicken and our customers love them. We’re excited to explore the new heat & eat range!’

Pauls Butchers (Trench Rd, Buncrana Rd, Culmore Rd – Derry)

‘The Crispy shredded chicken is one of our favourites – the batter is spot on and gives the perfect crunch!’’

Knox Wholesale Foods, Ballybofey – Co. Donegal


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